THIS IS me, tabitha rhea

hey, that rhymed!


I never know what to say in these things. So I guess I'll start with the facts:

- I grew up in Georgia, but don't have an accent.

- I lived in Utah for 10 years. Yes, I am LDS. No, I didn't go to BYU. (Go Utes!)

- I moved to Washington, DC after graduation in 2004 and have gradually moved south until we made it here, to Stafford, VA.



- I married this tall guy (6'8" for those who I know want to ask) in 2007,

- Finished grad school in 2008 (Go Colonials!),

- Worked in Human Resources until we had our firstborn and

- Started my photography business shortly after that.

- And now that our youngest is in kindergarten, I am able to devote more time to my business, which I am passionate about.




Family, Children, Newborn and

Real Estate Photography