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I was fortunate enough to be able to visit my sister earlier this month as she waited for her third son to be born.  Her 2nd child had been born in under 4.5 hours so we had an idea that this one could be fast, but I think we were all surprised at her two hour labor.

She was amazing.  It all started around 9:00 when she started timing her contractions.  Until that point, nothing had been happening.  Her due date had been the day before and her birthday was the following day.  The only request she had, could she have made one, was to not have her baby on her own birthday.

Which is why we were even more excited/surprised when things started to pick up pace very quickly.  Within the space of an hour, she went from hardly anything to having contractions every few minutes.  The midwife was called, the pool was filled with water and she started pacing.  By 11:00 she was in the pool trying to get comfortable and by 11:33, her new son, Ford, was in her arms.  Words cannot adequately express that experience so I put together a little video instead.


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  • Momof5October 11, 2016 - 12:20 pm

    Don’t care how many times I watch this video…I am in total amazement at the tenderness, love and strength that I see throughout this video!! Beyond words to express how much I admire our daughter Tracy for her desire to birth her children so naturally and her strength of endurance to do so….my admiration is not easily described. Tabitha, you photography of the event is so beautifully done. It captures the beauty of each special moment…capturing the joy, pain, over abundance of joy and love in each photo. The video itself is just precious. So proud of both my beautiful and wonderful daughters!!! Love you both with all my heartReplyCancel






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