Choosing A Session

There are those occasions in life that require a special picture, it may be Mother’s Day or an upcoming birthday.  

Or perhaps your children have grown four inches in two months or lost their first front teeth and you just want an updated photo.

Whenever a full session isn’t needed, an individual portrait session or a mini-session might be just the thing.




Family Session:

– you can choose your location

-you can have wardrobe changes

-you have time to move at your own pace

-you will have access to all of the edited photos from your session (a minimum of 30)

-includes individual portraits of family members, sibling photos, etc.

-you will have full printing rights for all of your edited photos (between 30-45)


Family Mini Session:

-when you don’t want or need the full session time

-the location will be selected for you

-you will be sent a link with all of the unedited photos from your session.  From those, you will select the eight photos that you would like me to edit.

-you will have full printing rights for those eight photos


Individual Portrait Session:

-perfect for an updated headshot or profile picture

-the location will be selected for you

-the session will be 10-15 minutes

-you will choose three photos which I will edit for you

-you will have full printing rights for those three photos


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