Personal Photos – Every Photo Tells a Story

I believe that photos capture moments and that those moments are part of a larger story.  And since I’m not very good at taking time to write down events or describe things that happen in our lives, I take pictures of them instead.  This project is a way for me to tell the story behind some of those photos.

It was July 4, 2014 which means that my husband was home for the day and we wanted to celebrate the day.  So we headed to a cute little town called Culpepper, VA where they were having a car show and parade.  We spent the day wandering around looking at old cars and eating ice cream.  We followed it up with front row seats to the small town parade.  The kids loved it.

These pictures were taken in a small alleyway where we took a break from the sun and the heat.  I remember how everyone was tired but happy and things were going smoothly until our little girl took a tumble on the bricks and got hurt.  She doesn’t cry a lot when she falls so the fact that she was sobbing said it all.  It broke my heart but ten minutes later, she was happy again.  

This is also one of the few shots where I was actually on the other side of the camera, a rarity these days.  Which makes it even more special.  So thankful for good times, family adventures, and of course… photos to tell the story.

What stories do your photos tell?

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