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Mila – Three Months Old

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a few short months since we did the cake smash of this littleView full post »

Newborn – Baby Claire

A few weeks ago I knew it was time to start doing photo shoots again.  I had a session scheduled for the first weekendView full post »

Annalise’s Big Day

It was a big weekend for us… on Saturday I had my first “official” photo shoot since coming back fromView full post »

Changes Afoot

A few months ago, Evan, Henry and I were finishing a month-long stay at a hotel while we waited for our new house to beView full post »

They Grow Up Fast

It’s always so amazing to me to see how quickly little ones grow.  This sweet girl is no exception.  It seemsView full post »

Baby Bennet

As promised, pictures from my newborn session with baby Bennet (such a cool name, by the way).  For being only a weekView full post »

Growing Family

It’s amazing to watch a family go from this: to this: and to be able to capture it through pictures.  I loveView full post »